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Sales Generation/Customer Retention

The Internet has created a highly competitive marketplace where companies of all sizes constantly compete for new clients. A potential customer is able to visit more than one web site to compare pricing, services offered, and inferred quality of the company or product.

The challenge is to successfully interest a potential customer to the point of purchase. Then, in turn, be able to retain them, as well as the clients they currently service. The importance of reaching these individuals and providing them with a sense of personal service and recognition is paramount to business.

TellAll.com is the business tool designed to create this personal service. It provides readers with an enhanced experience and the warmth of a person-to-person communication; while, at the same time, the sender has the ease of keeping in touch.


  • Highly Personalized eMails
  • Interactive Letterheads
  • Interactive Announcements
  • Ease of keeping in touch
  • Tracking and Reporting of Campaigns
  • Voice-Recorded Greetings
  • Global Access


  • Gives receiver the “I am a valued customer” feeling.
  • Customers/clients can easily visualize the company’s story/message.
  • Electronic product demonstrations set your company apart from your competitors.
  • Easily send robust documents, links to web sites and interactive forms to keep your contacts interested in your company, as well as top-of-mind awareness.
  • Instantly know the status of your eMail campaigns through real-time tracking and reporting, even monitor individual eMail pick-ups.
  • Pre-recorded voice greetings allow receivers to see, as well as listen to your message, increasing their retention.
  • Ability to access your entire database online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere.

Event Management

For many companies and corporations, special events are an essential component in doing business. There are meetings, company gatherings, socials and other events that need to be planned and managed.

Traditionally, a multitude of event coordinators would work together. They need to send correspondence or invitations to all attendees, including an RSVP; collect and sort the responses; follow-up to encourage attendance; tabulate the final results; and lastly, create nametags for all those attending. This takes weeks and many man-hours.

TellAll.com streamlines all of these steps into one timesaving, easy-to-use, online service.


  • Personalized, Interactive Invitations
  • Invitation Pick-up Notification
  • Automated RSVP
  • Real-time Tracking and Reporting
  • Automated Nametag Generation
  • Spreadsheet Export


  • Retains the personal touch of an invitation
  • Interactive invitations that will ‘WOW’ your guests
  • Reduces the man-hours required to handle an event
  • Monitor individual eMail pick-ups
  • Easily oversee and track your RSVP responses on one report
  • Nametags printed based on RSVP response

Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3

A letterhead is created, data is imported, and you are ready to go!

Contact TellAll.Com today for a demonstration

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